Announcing: 2017 Memoir Showcase Anthology

Stay tuned for the first annual Anthology featuring 30 Memoir Showcase finalists. Available April, 2018.


  1. No Way Back                                                  Mahshid Hager
  2. The Lift                                                            Cherie Kephart
  3. Mom, We Found Her                                      Shawna Rawlinson
  4. Helsinki, November 1990                               Judy Reeves
  5. Harlem in Havana                                           John Cunningham
  6. Stories for My Father                                      Anastasia Zadeik
  7. Sitting In                                                          Natalie Freedman
  8. Confidence Cape                                            Kelly Hudson
  9. Sleeping w/Strangers- Safer Church              K.M. McNeel                                      
  10. Secret Son                                                      Laura Engel
  11. The Peace Offering                                         Kathleen Holstad Pease
  12. Where’s the Harm                                           Nancy Villalobos
  13. Maasai In the Mirror                                        Elizabeth Eshoo
  14. Inception                                                         Karen Laugesen Russell
  15. Cat Scan                                                         Barb Huntington
  16. One Centimeter                                              Kathy Bostrom
  17. Trading Post                                                   Donna Jose
  18. Tattered Flag                                                  Philip Pressell 
  19. Sunny Cab                                                     Tracy J. Jones                                           
  20. Not a Drill                                                       Sara Mohtashamipour
  21. Butterfly Kissing Life                                       Marijke McCandless
  22. Single Red Line                                              Danielle Baldwin
  23. Fourteen                                                         Leslie Johansen Nack
  24. Trusting Fathers                                             Francine Lehman
  25. Family Plot                                                      Cathy Spearnak
  26.  Passing                                                          Steve Montgomery
  27. Tar Beach                                                       Ilene Hubbs
  28. Home                                                              Dilia Wood
  29. The Fisherman                                               Kristen Balelo
  30. Confessions of a Fatherless                           Richard Farrell

2017 SD Memoir Showcase Winners

  • Stories for my father  – Anastasia Z
  • Helsinki, Nov 1990  –  Judy R
  • Secret Son – Laura L
  • Mom, They Found Her – Shawna W
  • Sitting In   – Natalie F
  • No Way Back – Mahshid H
  • Harlem in Havana – John C
  • Confidence Cape –  Kelly H
  • The Peace Offering –  Kathy P
  • When Sleeping with Strangers – Katie K
  • The Lift – Cherie K

What is the Memoir Showcase? 

Short Memoir Pieces (monologues) are chosen from entries; winning entries are then directed and acted out on stage by professional actors at North Coast Rep in front of a live audience.  The SD Memoir Showcase is produced by San Diego Writers Ink and the San Diego Memoir Association.

Check back, or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter for updates regarding next year’s showcase dates, plus you’ll get the latest from SDMWA.

How to submit:  Submit 5 pages (12-point font, double spaced) during submission period (2018 to be announced).

10 writers will be selected, matched with writing coaches and then a director. The director will hold auditions and select professional actors and actresses to perform the pieces. Writers will meet for a roundtable read

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San Diego Memoir Showcase
San Diego Memoir Showcase
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